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 "All that man needs for health and healing has been provided in nature, the challenge of science is to find it."

Philippus Theophrastrus ~ Paracelsus (1493-1541)

Expectations-In addressing the root cause of disease, it may take a few weeks to a few months to see a shift in patients health. The amount of progress depends on a number of factors including severity of diagnosis,

the  amount of time the patient has been suffering with the issue and patient cooperation. We can work with your primary care physician or other specialist at a level that is comfortable to you.

We will take the time to provide the education you need in order to assist you in better understanding your diagnosis and the treatment protocol advised. There is no treatment that will solve everything instantaneously. It takes dedication on both the doctors and patients parts.

Integrative Medical Associates is an "Non-Insurance" facility. Which means we accept no insurances and we are Medicare "Opted Out". Fees are due at time of service. We politely encourage you to contact your insurance for specific details regarding your policy and coverage limitations.


New Patient Initial Visits: As a new patient to our facility we are dedicated to evaluating the patients status with a complete review of the patients history, current symptoms and latest labs. The goal of this visit is to determine direction, establishing a diagnosis, outline the production of a treatment protocol and educating the patient as to the process, expectations and constraints of the treatment. 

Please feel free to bring/send in any lab work you may have that is relevant to your issue. We would ask that you arrive for your first appointment at least 5-10 minutes early so we may review your paperwork, answer any questions you may have and take your vitals information. Please download, print and fill out the appropriate paperwork under our "Forms" tab.

First Visit is 1 hour-History and Physical- $550

Deposit of $275..00at time of making appointment

If Video NP appointment-follow up in person would need to be arranged.

Follow up Visit: (Typically 2-4 weeks after initial visit)      

This visit follows up and deals with reviewing any new lab information, assessing the patients progress and any possible medication/supplement changes needed, in addition to setting up any further treatments.

Visit time and fee may vary: 1 hour - $435-495

Existing patient visit: This appointment can be part of a protocol set up with the patient, which can vary from once every 4-6 weeks to once every 6-12 months, once a patient is stable and on a maintenance program. Additionally, it can be for a check up on an as needed basis or any new health issues the patient may be experiencing.

Visit time and fee may vary: 30 minutes. *$295-325

Video Telehealth- These can be a new patient appointments or can be part of your follow up to review ongoing symptoms, treatments and testing information.

Visit time and fee will vary: NP $550 ($275 Deposit) 60 minutes

Follow up: 15 min-225 - 30 min $295 - 1 hour $495

Phone Telehealth

Visit time and fee will vary:

5-10 min $150-175 -11-20 min $225-250 21-30 min $295

31+ $425-495

*Fees may vary by length or complexity of visit.

*If visits are not canceled within 48 hours, full charges may apply.

*Blood draw services can vary from $55-95 depending on the amount of testing required. Please see services tab for more information.

*I.V. Fees will vary due to number and amounts of both ingredients and size. Please see services tab for more information.

We offer a 10% discount on our office visit fees only for Medicare patients (must provide a current Medicare card). IMA reserves the right to change or discontinue this offer at any time. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Offer cannot be applied retroactively. 

For your convenience we accept personal checks, cash or

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