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Managing Your Health in a Health Crisis

This is an unprecedented time in our history. We here at Integrative Medical Associates understand your routines have been altered, social contact diminished and in a great number of cases finances upended. With these changes and more over the last weeks we have all been struggling with creating a normalcy and a structure. Somehow trying to wrap our minds and our lives around what is happening now and it appears will remain for the near future. In an effort to assist, lend some guidance and/or comfort relating to your health, both physical and mental, we will submit weekly articles and other bits of information for you via our website, blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The best thing we can do right now is do what we do best.


A good way to create normalcy and to adhere to a routine as much as possible is to create a health plan. Listed below is the first item in our series. Creating an exercise routine can be a fun and simple way to boost both your physical and mental health in these times.

Use tech

1.Youtube has endless free exercise videos you can try regardless of your fitness level or the space available to you. You can try Yoga, Pilates, high interval training and many others. Type in your fitness level, interest or type of exercise, and viola video options appear.

2.Visit your cable or satellite carrier site, scroll through or type in the search bar and you can find a good amount of videos and/or shows you can get for free or nominal fee. For example Xfinity: You can speak into your remote and say “Workout”. A screen will pop up indicating Cardio, Tone, Free and more. Click and go baby go.

3.Audio/video apps. Audio or app workouts might not be familiar to you but there are many options available. offers audio workouts. Be prepared for a learning curve, but once you have given it a try it you might find that it’s your preferred method. Exercise Apps. Visit the app store on your phone and type in ”exercise” to look at the many options or type in a specific term like “yoga for beginners”. This way you can find apps that suit your physical level, intensity and interest. Again most are free, some have a free trial and some have a nominal fee.

Do your own thing: Maybe you don’t like following an instructor or want to step away from the tech. No problem. Use what you have. If you are lucky enough to have a backyard, it might be time to break out any sports items you have and/or play your favorite games with your kids. If you’re a couple it's time to pull out that old ping pong set and play on the patio table. Are you alone? Yoga in the sun on your back porch sounds great or join your friends on a Zoom workout meeting. The site is free up to 40 minutes and 100 people can attend.

Indoors? Well since couch surfing is not a physical activity, we could think about using the kids jump ropes or hula hoops? Setting up an inside obstacle course. Use couch cushions to hop between, tables to crawl under, Tupperware to hurdle over, stuffed animals to roll over , lines of tape to balance on and plastic cups to run around. Blow up that old balance ball and dust off those old weights. No weights? That’s what canned food and plastic containers with handles are for. Move stuff out of your way and get to it!

Outdoor activities With social distancing in mind you can take a walk with your dog, hike a path near you, run around the block or cycle in your neighborhood.

Best laid plans Did you push back your New Year’s resolution? Did you have an occasion coming up (now canceled) that you were going to use as a catalyst to go on a diet and/or exercise program. Well, don’t let this stop you. This time is an even better reason to make sure you follow through. You will come out of this mentally stronger, physically fit and feel better about yourself. If you can do this you can do anything right!

Now that we have discussed the how and where, we should discuss the when. Definitely set a recurring time for these activities. Write them on the calendar on your fridge. Add them to your phone calendar and hold yourself and others to it. Movement could become a routine thing for you, and if you didn’t have an exercise plan before you may come out of this with a regular activity for yourself and your family that becomes a permanent and beneficial part of your daily lives.

Lastly, you will want to make sure if you have any current health concerns and are starting a new physical routine that your doctor approves. A great number of physicians have made available both phone and video appointments to make sure you can keep your health at the top of your priority list. Remember, when you take care of yourself you can take care of everything else . We at Integrative Medical Associates want you to know we are with you in this time and will be doing our best to assist you with your health needs. In so doing we also are making available phone and video appointments.

We hope this gives you a few ideas and shows you there a quite a few options available to keep yourself physically active. Join us via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and our Website for more information. Until then, please be safe and be well.

Integrative Medical Associates

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