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April 1, 2020 Fee Changes
Making Appointments

New Patient Initial Visits: As a new patient to our facility we are dedicated to evaluating the patients status with a complete review of the patients history, current symptoms and latest labs and . The goal of this visit is to determine direction, establishing a diagnosis, outline the production of a treatment protocol and educating the patient as to the process, expectations and constraints of the treatment. 

Please feel free to bring in any lab work you may have that is relevant to your issue. We would ask that you arrive for your first appointment at least 10 minutes early so we may review your paperwork, answer any questions you may have and take your vitals information. Please download, print and fill out the appropriate New Patient paperwork under our "Forms" tab.

First Visit is 1 hour-History and Physical- $625

Deposit of $325.00at time of making appointment.

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Follow up Visit: (Typically 2-4 weeks after initial visit)      

This visit follows up and deals with reviewing any new lab information, assessing the patients progress and any possible medication/supplement changes needed, in addition to setting up any further treatments.

Visit time and fee may vary: 1 hour - $550

Existing patient visit: This appointment can be part of a protocol set up with the patient, which can vary from once every 4-6 weeks to once every 6-12 months, once a patient is stable and on a maintenance program. Additionally, it can be for a check up on an as needed basis or any new health issues the patient may be experiencing.

Visit time and fee may vary: 30 minutes. $335

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Existing Patient Phone Visits: This appointment can be part of your treatment set up between the patient and the doctor. Also, it can be for a check up on an as needed basis addressing any new health issues the patient may be experiencing, or to review ongoing testing information.

Visit time and fee will vary:

5-10 min $190, 11-20 min $295, 21-30 min $335

31-45 min $495,  46-60 min $550

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