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F. Timothy Guilford, M.D.

F. Timothy Guilford, M.D.

Dr, Guilford has been using integrative medical therapies since the mid-1980s. The techniques include homeopathy, nutritional support and heavy metal detoxification strategies. While the approaches may differ from those currently considered “mainstream”, they are well founded in medical tradition and where possible, documented in biochemistry. It is easiest to describe the combination of approaches he uses as complementary and offering a range of choices for therapy of many problems.

Dr. Guilford graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch Medical School. He completed a two-year surgery internship and residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital and a four-year residency in Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery) at the University of Michigan. He is board certified in Otolaryngology and in the early 1980’s became interested in allergies. He was the director of a clinical laboratory specializing in allergy and viral immunology testing for ten years.

The need for a therapeutic approach for use in treating allergies in children led to his initial interest in homeopathic medicine. Since that time he has used low dose, natural combinations for the treatment of allergies in both children and adults. At the same time, he evaluated many patients with chronic problems such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  Interest in this area led him to explore approaches for therapy of chronic diseases, leading to his study of homeopathy. As documentation of his interest in this area, in 1986, he obtained a license in the State of Nevada as a Homeopathic Medical Doctor.

Continued exploration in causes of chronic disease led him to the study of the role of excess toxic metal burden. For over five years he conducted clinical research, through a licensed investigational review board, on the role of toxic metals such as mercury in chronic diseases. He also has over 15 years of clinical research and experience using acupuncture points for evaluation and treatment of many clinical problems. Toxic metal excess is being increasingly associated with many illnesses including vascular disease and neurobehavioral problems. More recently toxins from molds called Mycotoxins have also been shown to play a role in causing fatigue and other symptoms. Dr Guilford participated in the first study documenting that Mycotoxins can be identified in people.


Interest in these areas has led to the observation that an individual’s nutritional status plays an important role in the development of many illnesses. Evaluation and restoring these losses help maintain and regain health and energy. Laboratory tests which help document deficiencies and guide nutrient therapies are used whenever possible. Emphasis is placed on restoring a balanced nutrient biochemistry. When possible, oral supplements are recommended. These include both vitamins and herbal supplements. When needed intravenous nutrients can be very helpful as well.

Dr. Guilford believes that his experience will afford you the opportunity to make informed choices about your health care.

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