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D. Graeme Shaw, MD
D. Graeme Shaw, M.D.

D. Graeme Shaw M.D.

Dr. D. Graeme Shaw, acquired the practice of Dr. Claude Marquette in April 1998, after working with the practice since September of 1996. He continues with a like minded philosophy of medical treatment; emphasizing natural and nutritional means to restore patients’ health.

Dr. Shaw received his medical training at Creighton University of Medicine, voted one of "Americas best colleges". He spent three years specializing in Internal Medicine at the St. Louis University Hospital, and is board-certified in Internal Medicine.

For almost 20 years he concentrated on both acute and chronic illnesses; including Lyme and mold disease.  Those years of hospital based practice made him appreciate the many benefits of western medical technology, but it also revealed the deficiencies western medicine has in dealing with chronic illness and preventative medicine. Dr. Shaw is a member of ACAM, The American College for the Advancement of Medicine. He is also a member of ILADS , The International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society. 

Nutrition is a basic treatment for many illnesses we see these days. Our environment, soil and foods have lost the nutrient value they once had. Reversing this “malnutrition” can treat many disorders. Dr. Shaw has been practicing nutritional and preventative medicine since 1994 and is experienced with many treatments including chelation (removal of heavy metal toxins) and herbal therapies.

Dr. Shaw will work with each patient to create a treatment plan that draws from a variety of modalities including intravenous therapy, herbal supplements, diet and nutrition, life style counseling and any necessary medications. The plan will set goals to alleviate pressing symptoms and address the underlying dysfunction in order to restore or heal the body and return it to a healthy balance.

Dr. Shaw has done extensive research on cell membrane hyper-excitability and neurotransmitter dysfunction. Together with Dr. Ba Hoang, he has co-authored multiple research papers on the relationship between cell membrane abnormalities and chronic illnesses. Dr. Shaw has demonstrated his commitment to medicine by constant collaboration and research with both his patients and the medical community. Dr. Shaw also produces short videos for students and the inquisitive patient on many subjects.

Open-mindedness, acceptance, and quality time spent is rare among doctors these days. Dr. D. Graeme Shaw makes sure he provides these precious commodities to all his patients.

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