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Natural Dispensary

Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional Supplements - We offer natural products of the highest quality, including vitamins and minerals, nutraceutical supplement, botanical medicines and homeopathics. All products are tested using the highest standards of purity. Our doctors regularly research to have the most current items available. If one of our physicians feel that there is a product you would benefit from that we do not have in stock, we will order the item specially for you.


Homeopathy - Is a form of medicine that involves treating the individual with highly diluted substances with the aim of triggering the body’s natural system of healing. Based on a patient’s specific symptom, a homeopath will match the most appropriate medicine to each patient. Homeopathy is a very gentle and safe medicine that can be used in the treatment of babies and children.

Homeopathic medicines – known as “remedies” – are made from natural sources (e.g., plants, minerals), and are environmentally friendly and cruelty free

Homeopathy is widely used in Europe to treat anything from a simple cold to chronic diseases. Homeopathic preparations are commonly found in European drug stores and there are even hospitals dedicated solely to homeopathic treatment.

Botanical Medicine

Botanical Medicine – Also known as Herbal Medicine – is the study and practice of safe & sustainable use of herbs for whole-person health

Herbal or botanical medicines are plant-derived preparations that are used to treat and prevent disease. Plants have been used as a form of medicine since before recorded history and in many ancient cultures. When used under the supervision of a knowledgeable practitioner, herbs can be a very safe and effective form of medicine.

Tinctures - Are liquid extracts made from herbs that you take orally (by mouth). Because they are taken directly under the tongue, they enter the bloodstream much more directly than by any other means. This means that absorption in the body is usually quicker. Although some herbs will have an immediate effect, such as those used to help one relax. Others are more nutritive and building in nature. Nutritive tinctures may take several weeks of continual use before best results are seen.

All our natural supplements are sold by prescription only. One must be  a current patient of this facility or one of our affiliated physicians in order to purchase. Patients are under no obligation to purchase any dispensary item from the vendors suggested. Reearch into allvendors for safety in ingredient, product storage and delivery is done dilegently..

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