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         "Optimum health for you, your family and your life"

Our Approach


At Integrative Medical Associates we specialize in utilizing the best of both conventional and natural medicines in a calm and caring environment. This provides a complete or "full spectrum" approach to assist you in reaching your specific health goals. We differ from most by spending quality time with our patients, learning their complex histories. We research, going the extra mile, through testing and protocols to get to the root cause of the problem. This way we can take action to decrease or eliminate potential impacts to your health. 

Every person is different, thus our customized approach has to be tailored to meet each individuals specific health needs and goals; We are with you through the entire process of seeking better health, whether it is simple or complex. 
We invite you to live more fully, control symptoms, cope better and participate in your health care.

Visit our services page to learn more about the conditions we treat including Lyme and tick borne illness', mold exposure, gastrointestinal issues and much more.

What people are saying about us...

Botanical Medicine, Homeopathy
  • I have been visiting this office for a couple of years. They take the time to listen to me, and don't treat me like a number. My health is an ongoing issue and these people care. To me that's priceless.

  • K.W. - San Jose

Herbal Medicine, Natural Supplements
Homeopathics, Natural Tinctures
  • The staff is compassionate and my doctor is extremely knowledgeable. The approach is refreshingly integrative and state of the art in medicine. You will get a thorough work-up and very specific recommendations for improving your health and avoiding serious chronic illnesses. 

  • Michelle L. - Los Gatos

  • Dr. Graeme Shaw is a very knowledgeable doctor and uses the best of Eastern and Western medicine to help you find a solution to your problem. He made an enormous difference in my son's life and I am very grateful. Office staff are friendly and courteous, and appointments are kept on time. I would recommend him to anyone who wants a caring doctor.

  • Mary - Spokane


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